Thursday, August 06, 2009

Polls Show Concern over ObamaCare Isn't Astroturf, Senator Durbin

From Matt's Congressman, House Minority Leader, and a Great American, John Boehner:
Americans’ concerns about the impact of a government takeover of health care continue to grow, according to two new polls out in recent days. After no fewer than five polls released last week showed increasing, if not outright, opposition to government-run health care, this is a troubling trend for Democrats aiming to put bureaucrats in charge of Americans’ health care. A quick review of the latest polling shows increasing worries over the President’s handling of health care and the impact of the Democrats’ plan on the already skyrocketing deficit:

Quinnipiac University Poll: The poll indicates that a majority disapprove (52) while only 39 approve of the President’s handling of health care, a 10 percentage point jump in the last month alone. It also says: “American voters, by a 55-35 percent margin, are more worried that Congress will spend too much money and add to the deficit than it will not act to overhaul the health care system…. By a similar 57-37 percent margin, voters say health care reform should be dropped if it adds ‘significantly’ to the deficit. By a 72-21 percent margin, voters do not believe that President Barack Obama will keep his promise to overhaul the health care system without adding to the deficit.”
CNN Poll: “A majority of Americans over the age of 50 oppose Obama's plan… The poll indicates that only three in 10 of all Americans think the president’s health care proposals will help their families.”

Gee, I guess all of this is more "disinformation and astroturf" since that paragon of truth and virtue Dick Turbin, er, I mean Durbin, said this:

Gee, the polls must have been infiltrated with astroturf, or like the evil conservative mind control machine....Americans are scared, because:
Higher Health Care Costs. As many news outlets have reported, including the Associated Press, CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf has warned lawmakers the legislation that he has seen so far would raise health care costs, not lower them.
More Debt For Our Kids & Grandkids. On the deficit, the Congressional Budget Office has warned that the Democrats’ plan will plunge taxpayers $239 billion deeper into the red over the next 10 years, with even larger deficits in the years that follow.
Devastating Medicare Cuts for Seniors. For seniors, deep Medicare cuts are coming, with Democrats using them to bankroll their $1.6 trillion government takeover of health care. This will eliminate choices and reduce quality for millions of seniors, especially those living in rural parts of the country.
Forcing Americans Off Their Current Health Plan. And for families, it’s no wonder a scant 30 percent of Americans believe the Democrats’ plan will help them. After all, both the Congressional Budget Office and the Lewin Group warn that tens of millions of Americans would be forced off of their current health care plans and onto the government rolls under the Democrats’ proposal. To make matters worse, according to a methodology developed by the President’s senior economic advisor, the Democrats’ government takeover of health care will destroy as many as 5.5 million American jobs over the next 10 years.
Indeed, the Democrats’ $1.6 trillion health care experiment will raise costs, increase the deficit, kill jobs through a small business tax and onerous employer mandates, put bureaucrats in charge of decisions that only patients and doctors should make, and restrict choices for millions of seniors. That’s why a new web video from House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) is warning Americans about the consequences of the Democrats’ government-run plan.

Isn’t it time for Democratic leaders in Congress and the Administration to listen to the American people’s growing concerns about a government-run health care plan? Isn’t it time for Democrats to reach out to Republicans in pursuit of real reforms that makes health care more affordable and accessible for families and seniors?