Monday, August 10, 2009

Butler County Update


Yet another name added to the lengthy list of folks who want to replace Greg Jolivette. Bob Weber, who last ran for Chairman of the Butler County Republican Party (see update below) Auditor, pulled a petition to run for county commissioner. There was talk that Weber would run for a seat on the Hamilton City Council, but I guess this race just had too much of a spotlight on it.

Nancy Nix and Cindy Carpenter have also pulled petitions for the county gig.


I've been sitting on this a bit as I tried to figure out a few things as to what this news actually means...

Tom Ganley is the owner of a car dealership up in Cleveleand. He is also running for the United States Senate in the GOP primary against Rob Portman. Ganley has enough dilithium in the chamber to self-finance both the primary and the general which makes him a formidible candidate.

Sheriff Jones was exploring a potential run at Republican Leader, my Congressman and a Great American -- John Boehner -- much like Don Quixote battled windmills. Jones is a good man and right on a number of issues, but his flair for the dramatic has a tendency to make him appear cartoonish at times.

Ganley is doing all of the right things -- so far -- to pull off the upset. The establishment had better start taking this guy seriously or there are going to be an awful lot of surprised people in Columbus come Election Day.


Intrepid Reporter Josh is still the best source for all of the news coming out of the Dynus trials. We are in to week two of Dynus owner Orlando Carter's trial and all of the usual suspects are getting their chance to tell their stories... Here is Josh's latest story.

UPDATE: My apoligies to Bob and Chris W. I got those two guys confused somehow. Bob ran for Auditor and Chris ran for Chair... I have no idea how I got these two guys confused... Really...they look nothing alike!