Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Butler County Update

Intrepid Reporter Josh wasted ten minutes of his day writing about two (count them: two!) liberal "organizations" (anybody want to guess what the duplication rate among membership lists is?) who think they are accomplishing something by asking their buddy Dick Cordray for a special prosecutor to engage in a witch hunt in Butler county.

I'm all for rooting out corruption, but enough is enough. Let the people we voted for do their jobs and we'll get to the bottom of this. What these groups are sore about is that they keep losing elections. It is just that simple. They wish to overturn elections by smearing good people.

I'd like to remind Josh -- and his friends in these two "organizations" -- that the Butler County Republican Party did not endorse Kay Rogers the last time she ran. It isn't the Republican Party's fault that the good people of Butler County chose to elect a corrupt official. When will there be calls for an investigation in to the good people of Butler County who voted for her? Is that next?

What a tragic waste of time...

UPDATE: Now the Cincinnati Enquirer gets in to the act. I love the comments... Apparently there is a recently formed Change Clermont PAC too... Yep! That smell you are experiencing is called ASTROTURF!