Friday, August 28, 2009

Coach Remains Committed to Vigil Until Rep. Space Holds Town Hall

Zanesville - Waking up on Fourth Street, Fairfield Christian Academy football coach Dave Daubenmire quickly found his trademark grin.

Socializing, eating, sleeping, and living outside Ohio's 18th District Congressman Zack Space's office, Coach appears to be making the best of his situation.

"I'm not losing any steam," said Coach as he rose from his makeshift bed, assembled from the removable backseat of his red 1999 Plymouth Voyager minivan.

"Wasn't too bad," claimed Coach, patting his bed/backseat. "We're just getting warmed up," Coach added.

Coach uses the royal 'we' but he is the only one currently lodging on Fourth Street, though he does have plenty of visitors.

"It hasn't been lonely," says Coach. "My players visit me, and I'm making a lot of new friends. Almost everyone has been supportive."

Zanesville City Hall has also supported Daubenmire's right to protest.

"As long as he's peaceful and just sitting in a chair, he has a right to be there," said Robert Brandford, Zanesville Public Safety Director.

Brandford conferred with Chief of Police Eric Lambes on Daubenmire's protest and determined that Coach can stay.

"Americans have the right to free speech, the right to protest and the right to assemble peacefully," said Brandford.

Initially concerned that he might be forced to move, Daubenmire can sleep comfortably (or at least legally) at night on Fourth Street.

"I wish I didn't have to be here," said Coach. "I feel like I'm doing my duty as a citizen. As soon as Zack Space hosts a public town hall, I'll be more than happy to go back to my bed at home."

In the meantime, Coach continues to field calls from local, regional and national reporters and news stations as far away as Louisiana, Arizona and California.