Monday, August 03, 2009

Diane Feinstein Fears and Loathes Old People, Kicks Them Out

From Los Angeles:
Police tricked a group of retirees who refused leave Sen. Dianne Feinstein's West Los Angeles office on Thursday.

The protesters demanded Feinstein talk to them about healthcare reform.

She wasn't having it, so police lured the seven protesters outside somehow and then locked the doors behind them, said Los Angeles police Sergeant Rich Brunson.

A spokeswoman for the 55- to 87-year-old activists told The Associated Press that they arrived at Feinstein's office around noon and remained in her conference room more than six hours.

Feinstein spokesman Gil Duran said staff had offered the retirees an in-person meeting with the senator during a Los Angeles visit next week but that they demanded to speak with her immediately.

What is DiFi afraid of? Will the President say these cops acted stupidly? Stay tuned....

Imagine what our Founders would say to members of Congress using police to deceive and force senior citizens out of a building.....