Monday, August 03, 2009

Dodd and Countrywide: Why Are Dems Blocking Review of Friends of Angelo Program?

Could it be there is more than just Dodd and Conrad involved? Does the scandal go deeper, or further? CBS News did an in depth report on Countrywide and Friends of Angelo, but they hid the key thing to take away from the report:
Democrats are blocking a Republican effort to subpoena Countrywide documents. For now, it's not clear whether there was anything illegal about the loan arrangements or whether Countrywide was able to fend off regulations by currying favor with the right people.

I thought this was supposed to be the most ethical transparent congress ever, Ms. Pelosi? Why stand in the way of truth being revealed? What is there to hide?

Also, as Ed Morrissey points out:
Wait — didn’t the Democrats say that they wanted to get to the bottom of the financial crisis and the meltdown of the housing bubble that caused it? Didn’t Democrats like Barack Obama cast Countrywide as one of the chief villains of the drama? Yes, he did

Think about this also:
Obama picked Jim Johnson to head his VP search committee, even though Johnson got millions in loans from Countrywide while serving as Fannie Mae CEO. Chris Dodd and Kent Conrad got outed as big beneficiaries of Mozilo’s program as well. CBS says that there were plenty of others joining them in getting perqs for power

Which democrats are blocking these subpeonas, and why are they blocking them? What is to hide?