Monday, August 10, 2009

We are Kenneth Gladney..And, I thought the Left Hated Pre-Emption

Andrew Breitbart is one of the shining lights of what is out on the internet. He has a great piece up at the Washington Times. Here are some excerpts with some comment and links:
CNN's Anderson Cooper and MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow led the charge, declaring concerned Americans "tea baggers," an allusion to an absurd sexual fetish beneath describing in a family newspaper. This attack on hundreds of thousands of people practicing their constitutional right to protest speaks volumes not just about the hardened sociopolitical leanings of America's journalistic elite, but about the brazenness with which they are now wielding their unprofessionalism.

Last week on the grounds of the once-venerated White House, Senate Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin, Illinois Democrat, taking his cues from his allies in the media, referred to last week's health care town-hall protesters as "tea baggers."

How far we have fallen.

Indeed. Is it not more pathetic that these supposed leaders in journalism know this practice enough to call others practioners of it? Makes you wonder what they do in their downtime. And for a sitting US Senator to use such language? Despicable....Andrew continues:
Stepping up the rhetoric from mockery to pure hatred, and absent any evidence, Mr. Olbermann has called the president's public protesters "worse than racists." Political activist and comedianJaneane Garofalo colored them "racist rednecks who hate blacks." And at the somewhat higher end of the food chain, liberal economist Paul Krugman in the New York Times wrote last week that they were motivated by "cultural and racial fear."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is having a hard time these days explaining the president's Israel policy to her Jewish constituents, blatantly lied and said that the protesters were wielding "swastikas and symbols like that."

What is all this really about? Breitbart hits it:
The mainstream media and the Democratic Party are working in concert to make sure that what happened to President Bush -- sustained organized grass-roots protests ("mobs," if you will), relentless media criticism and permanent opposition-party obstructionism -- does not happen to their guy. Complicating matters, the media's fate is directly tied to the president's. Without them, Barack Obama would still be a backbencher from Illinois.

But the mockery. The recklessness. Unsupportable libel isn't working. The tea parties and, now, the health care protests at town-hall meetings have only gotten bigger and stronger.

And now, the harm begins. Breitbart puts the lies to these claims:
I've attended two tea parties so far. One was in Santa Ana, Calif., on April 15, where my 81-year-old father-in-law, the actor Orson Bean, joined fellow actor Gary Graham and newly naturalized American citizen Ian Mitchell, from the Scottish '70s music sensation, the Bay City Rollers.

I saw no "tea bagging." Blacks and Hispanics carried signs along with the white majority. But there was a sketchy dog dressed in a red, white and blue sweater.

Last week, a black gentleman named Kenneth Gladney went to a town-hall meeting hosted by Rep. Russ Carnahan, Missouri Democrat. While passing out "Don't Tread on Me" flags, he was viciously attacked by Service Employees International Union (SEIU) members. One called him a "nigger."

These union thugs were directed by the White House to go to the protests and "punch back twice as hard." And they did.

While the attack was captured on video and is available on YouTube, Mr. Gladney's horrifying story is absent from MSNBC's 24/7 media cycle. Mr. Krugman has yet to write about it. And Mr. Cooper has yet to condemn the attack.

First they came for the guy selling buttons and flags.

Then they shut up the old people:

When they come for you, will anyone else be left?

Stay strong and stand firm....We are not astroturf. We are not mobsters. We are concerned citizens exercising our Constitutional rights to free speech and assembly. Kenneth Gladney was just trying to exercise his rights. He was just passing out historical flags of our country to interested parties. Where are the cries for hate crimes prosecution? I guess we only prosecute for hate crimes if a drunken black man with a record is subdued by police coming down from a drug high. I guess we only cry hate crimes when a liberal black is denied something. This man could have been killed simply for speaking his mind....

And what is the left doing? The Daily Kos and firedoglake are making fun of this man who was beaten and had to be taken to the hospital. The Left is making fun of a black man beaten by a rabble of SEIU union thugs. The left is laughing and agreeing that he is an "n word." Where is the outrage? Where is it?

We are all Ken Gladney, standing against this tyrannical oppression by the statist media and the oligarchs on the Hill.

Mark Steyn makes an excellent point:
Gotta love this ‘post-racial America’: Democrat union heavies can beat up a black guy using racial epithets and leave him in a wheelchair unable to speak – and happily (unlike, say, a black professor being asked for picture ID) it’s not ’symbolic’ of anything at all. Not a Sharpton in sight to speak up for him: Mr Gladney’s only shot at fame is an entry in The Guinness Book Of Records under ‘Least Famous Black Hate-Crime Victim In America’.

I guess this is pre-emptive hitting back. Obama's admin over the weekend said that if the left got hit, they would punch back twice as hard. Gee, who knew the left ever believed in pre-emption?

These are not the words of a post racial, uniting president. These are the words of a Chicago ganglord, er, community organizer, who is upset that people dare question him or his ideas.

Stay strong. Stand firm. Question with boldness.