Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Wildcard for OH-18

While I've been in a self-imposed exile from serious writing while I deal with some burn-out, I've been thinking about a couple of key races across the Great State of Beautiful Ohio. I'll get around to some of those thoughts in a couple of pieces that will appear here later, but I wanted to start with OH-18.

Zack Space, the Accidental Congressman, really should have been voted out of office last time around but Fred Dailey was just not the right candidate to get that done. Paul Phillips does not appear interested in another shot at but Jeanette Moll is taking another stab at it. But I really think that entire field was lacking...

A lot of folks have been pushing State Senators Jimmy Stewart and John Carey but I don't see either one of them throwing their hats in to the ring at this time either.

So I have started taking a look at "wildcard" candidates and have one that may be worth a closer look...State Senator Bob Gibbs. Gibbs would make the race interesting.

The Pros

  • Effective campaigner.

  • Effective fund raiser.

  • Chairman of Ohio Senate Ways and Means Committee

  • Chairman of Ohio Senate Economic Development Committee

  • Vice Chairman of Ohio Senate Agriculture Committee

  • Member of Ohio Senate Committees: Education; Environment and Natural Resources; Highways and Transportation.

  • The Cons

  • Since he is from the northern part of the district, he will have low name ID district wide.

  • Learn More

    State Senator Bob Gibbs bio at Ohio Senate

    State Senator Bob Gibbs record of bills sponsored in 128th General Assembly

    State Senator Bob Gibbs on Facebook

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    State Senator Bob Gibbs bio on his campaign site