Thursday, August 27, 2009

WMD Blast: Sixth Anniversary of WMD

On behalf of the entire team here at WMD, I want to thank the readers for six glorious years of Weapons of Mass Discussion. Without your interest in this blog, Mark and I would just be two guys bloviating on politics...

I would personally like to thank all of the contributors...Mark, Don Carpenter, Kyle Sisk, Sean, Doug, Tom, Wes Retherford, and Heather Johnson.

Of course, we have to have stuff to write about...and for that we have to thank all of our sources: You know who y'all are... :)

Special thanks to all of our guest columnists: Rachel Hutzel, John Boehner, Mike Turner, Bob Latta, Jean Schmidt, John Adams, and George Voinovich.

Also need to shout out to Tom Blumer of and all of our MILLIONS of listeners on TIB Radio but especially to Dagny, Brian and Justin who are regular contributors to the liveblogs.

Where would we be without all of our friends in the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance? I dunno...but I sure wouldn't want to be there!

Site Update: Okay...we got up the boring "placeholder" graphic until we can find time to bring the new stuff online... Much, much more to come...

Thanks again...