Saturday, September 12, 2009

An Angry Armenian / Modern Esquire Update

Modern Esquire has an Angry Armenian post that is just a riot! He is being taken to task by a reader in the comments that is -- as ME points out -- not addressing the points of the post. But I will gladly do so, since the truth actually hurts the Angry Armenian while also addressing ME's points.

Are you ready ME?

David Krikorian is a pathological liar!

  • He may have attended a local GOP meeting, but he clearly wasn't welcome there and his whole reason for going was to lie some more...

  • While it is true that he donated to the Virginia GOP and received money from Bob Barr's PAC (libertarian, not Republican), he HAS donated to Strickland's called political expediency...and that's what the Angry Armenian does.

  • Tom Brinkman, in fact, DOES support genuine Democrats in a race against Jean Schmidt. They are mortal enemies in his eyes...and he thinks if a real Democrat ever knocks her off, he can ride to the rescue!!!1!

  • "Real Democrats don't issue press releases bragging about how House Minority Leader John Boehner 'supports' your plan to repeal the capital gains tax." They most certainly do when they are lying to Republicans... Funny how Paul Hackett was able to run ads in that district that didn't bother to even use the word Democrat and he came off looking like a Bush supporter.....

  • "Democrats don't support repealing the capital gains tax since such a repeal only benefits the richest Americans in our society." I got nothing for this...I just LOVE how Real Democrats are "for" the little guy who is employed by all these "rich" guys yet want to make the "rich" guy fire the little guys because they can't afford to keep them employed... How many of the "richest" Americans are actually Democrats anyway? I lost count.....

  • "Real Democrats don't support ending the Community Reinvestment Act." YES! Because forcing banks to loan money to people who are incapable of paying them back makes good business sense and -- in NO way -- had ANY impact whatsoever on the housing crash........and again, he's lying to Republicans, he doesn't actually believe any of that.

  • "Real Democrats don't describe themselves as 'Reagan conservatives.'" Once again, I can't think of a clearer example of the Angry Armenian's very loose relationship with the truth. This guy makes Bill Clinton's lies appear TAME in comparison...

  • "Krikorian tried to spin his '06 donation to Vic Wulsin as not support for the Democratic Party's candidate, but solely for his opposition to Schmidt." That may or may not be the case...but that doesn't mean that he isn't a Real Democrat, it just means the he -- like Brinkman -- just don't like Jean Schmidt.

  • In short: The Angry Armenian is a liar. He will do or say anything he thinks is necessary to curry favor with whatever audience he happens to be in front of at the time. He is a Real Democrat through and through.....and here is the proof:

    That sure ain't Ken Blackwell that you see the Angry Armenian cheesing it up with there is it?