Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cincinnati: Wenstrup Outraises Mallory / Mallory Cancels Debate

CINCINNATI, OH - Brad Wenstrup, candidate for Cincinnati Mayor, apparently raised more money than incumbent Mayor Mark Mallory during the last reporting period according to amended papers that Mallory filed with the Cincinnati Elections Commission on September 11. Mallory's report overstated his contributions by $62,990 or approximately 300%.

A story in the Enquirer from September 5 reported that Mallory made more money than Wenstrup, his opponent, by a factor of almost 2 to 1. In reality, Wenstrup raised more money than Mallory during the reporting period by $17,920.

Mallory filed an amended report on September 11 showing that he raised only $32,948.00 to Wenstrup's $50,868.

"I am honored by the amount of support that has allowed me to raise more than Mark Mallory during this period, and I look forward to continuing a strong and winning campaign," Wenstrup said.
Also, I have heard that the Little Mayor that Could has also canceled a debate that was previously agreed to...sounds like the guy is running scared!