Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mikey DeWine Thinks He's Got a Conservative Record

Check out this absurd email piece that Team Mikey put out:
Dear Supporter,

On Sunday, Fran and I hosted our 30th Ice Cream Social in Cedarville. It was a great day with a banjo band, a world famous magician, sack races and pie-eating contests. Over 1,300 supporters from across the state braved the rain and threat of thunderstorms to enjoy some good, old-fashioned family fun!

We are grateful for the support we received and for all of the work our volunteers did to make our Ice Cream Social such a success!

The level of activity that I have seen among Republicans since announcing my candidacy for Ohio Attorney General is remarkable. Republicans are energized, and ready to get to work!

I am really encouraged with the grassroots support that we are seeing from across the state. I know that with your help, we will usher in a new era of accountability in Columbus.

With high unemployment and a struggling economy, Ohioans are hungry for leadership. As I have done throughout my life, I will lead.

I will lead the fight to turn around our economy.

I will lead in the fight to put Ohio at the forefront of crime-fighting technology.

And, I will lead to eliminate corruption from the halls of the State Capitol in Columbus.

Throughout my career, I have always put principles before politics. I have fought for the rights of all citizens -- both born and unborn. I have worked to lower the tax burden on Ohioans. And, I have fought for legislation to punish those who break the law and protect who cannot protect themselves.

I am running for Attorney General to bring this principled, conservative record to Columbus.

I look forward to further discussion of these issues over the next 13 months.

Very respectfully yours,

Mike DeWine
And, no, I am NOT on Mikey's distribution list. One of my spies sent this over to me knowing that it would make my head explode.

Just how out-of-touch is this guy anyway?