Thursday, September 24, 2009

Obamacare: AARP Doesn't Care What You Think, They Want a Piece of Obama's Action

Since we need to continue our focus on Obamacare and its disastrous implications for the nation, I thought I would begin to bring back some oldie but goodie articles....Stay tuned for more...and later, some new notices about what churches and the Senate are doing to push this through....Tease: One church tries to invoke the Bible to support Obamacare's heinous initiatives. Wonder if their parishoners know they are lobbying for the culture of death?

The AARP isn't about seniors anymore. It is about a radical liberal agenda that will kill seniors. And in this video, we get to see how they treat their members who PAY THEIR SALARIES. Check it out. not exactly the best customer service, but typical of liberals.

What about respecting your elders? And that blonde hack who can't even read off a prepared sheet, she disses a man who served his country, a Marine? Who the hell is she serving? It sure as hell ain't the interest of the members. Seniors, I urge you to cancel memberships to this organization that would prefer that Rahm Emmanuel's brother Zeke, the guy who said we should deny care to the mentally ill and those with dementia, as well as those over 65, run your health care instead of you. Stand against these people.

The behavior by these "volunteers" shows you who the true thugs are....Funny, I thought this was a listening session, but the only ones they want to listen are WE the People, not them, the bureaucrats and lobbyist hacks.

UPDATE: AARP Tries to Spin the Rude Behavior of this Moderator: This clown named Drew who used to work for the US Pharmaceutical Industry and is now hacking for AARP is trying to say there were countless better meetings....but he doesn't want to talk about that.....he doesn't want to talk about her and her prepared talking points...What about that, Drew? Get off the Kool-Aid, Drew?

And he has the audacity to say come to their town halls? To what, get abused by someone who wants grandpa's liver? Who thinks these are a bunch of hicks who think these meetings are "fun"? Typical liberal statist elitist hack....

Check this out from Glenn Beck...he lays it out there...