Thursday, September 03, 2009

Space Insults Constituent

Zanesville - Congressman Zack Space may soon regret an offhand comment he made in a provocative statement on September 2nd concerning a local activist.

On Wednesday, Thornville resident David Daubenmire was on Fox News channel's "America's Newsroom" with Megyn Kelly. Daubenmire is a local football coach at Fairfield Christian Academy. He has been sleeping on the sidewalk outside Democrat Representative Zack Space's office in protest of the Congressman's refusal to hold a town hall meeting for his constituents in southeast Ohio.

In the interview with Daubenmire, Fox News' Megyn Kelly read the following statement which came from Rep. Zack Space's office

"Coach doesn't comprehend reality. The rain or fatigue must be getting to Mr. Daubenmire. There was a town hall meeting yesterday five blocks from where he is setting up camp featuring Secretary of Energy Tom Vilsack, Senator Brown and Congressman Space. It had been publicized for days by all offices. If it was "secretive," then more than 300 people found out the secret, including a number of Mr. Daubenmire's teabagger colleagues who were there and talked to the Congressman."

Local small business owner Darin Hill took offense to Space's remarks.

"The unmitigated gall of Mr. Space's comments is shameful," says Darin Hill, owner of Hillsway Ag and Turf in Gratiot, Ohio. "Those words are disrespectful, condescending, and more than that, they're dishonest. Mr. Space is completely misrepresenting the event. The meeting with Secretary Vilsack was not billed as a town hall. It was explicitly addressing the concerns of farmers and our district's agricultural industry. If Representative Space hosted a true town hall, a lot more than 300 people would have shown up."

Although Space's office claims that they announced the event beforehand, the event wasn't promoted as a town hall nor was it widely known that the Congressman would be in attendance at the event. But Mr. Hill is more concerned about the insult.

"I don't feel comfortable with my Congressman using sexually perverse terms like teabagging. He shouldn't be talking that way to constituents," continues Hill. "If Zack Space needs a history lesson on taxation without representation and the Boston Tea Party, I'd be happy to enlighten him. There's nothing perverse about an American citizen questioning his government."

Darin Hill has no affiliation with Daubenmire or Fairfield Christian Academy, but he plans to be at Daubenmire's rally on the Zanesville courthouse steps on Thursday at 6 PM.