Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Team Husted on Residency

Read the whole thing, but here is the key phrasing:
“Moreover, if an election statute is ambiguous, the voter should not be penalized as a
result of the ambiguity.”
We need a better law.

As I have said time and again: I expect Husted will ultimately be vindicated on this issue because he is -- in my opinion -- within the letter of the law while crushing the spirit of the law.

Still waiting for a reason for why the GOP is taking the risk of running this guy in the first place...

And, oh yeah, when the Ohio Supreme Court does overturn Brunner, the Democrats will claim "politics as usual" and not only will they make that a case against Husted, but for whomever runs for Chief Justice and the other Supreme Court slot as well. Nice move OhioGOP...you've done it again...trying very hard to snap defeat from the jaws of victory!