Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Warren County Treasurer Begins Second Term

Warren County Treasurer Jim Aumann began his second term in office last week with little fanfare, but the impact of his first term is felt county wide. Warren County is widely regarded as being in the best fiscal shape of any County in Ohio. The County Commissioners recently cited two factors in the County’s relative success; conservative spending policies and intelligent tax collection and investments by County Treasurer Jim Aumann.

Despite a severe recession across both Ohio and the nation, the Warren County Treasurer’s Office has continued to operate in an efficient and effective manner. The office runs on a budget 50% the size allowed by the State, saving the tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars. For every dollar spent on the operation of the Treasurer’s Office nearly twenty-four dollars are collected. These successes are a credit to both the knowledge and ingenuity of the Treasurer, and his staff, who have used technology and new procedures to cut the budget without sacrificing work product and maintaining low delinquency rates.

“I appreciate the support and trust placed in me by the people of Warren County and I will continue to use my experience and investment knowledge to assist and aid the taxpayers of Warren County.” Treasurer Aumann said. “I have a small, efficient and talented staff that is vital in assisting tax payers and protecting our hard earned dollars.”