Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ohio GOP Update: The Hug That Might Have Been

Ever since this picture hit the news, I have been hitting Jon Husted for figuratively and literally hugging the Governor and his disastrous economic policies.

But what about the Hug that could have happened just this week?

One of my many spies forwarded to me an email that our friends in the Ohio Republican Party put out that is called "ORP News Clips" and one of the articles highlighted is from the Columbus Dispatch and is titled, "2 Republicans willing to delay income-tax cut."

The article is about the two turncoat "Republicans" who sided with liberals to raise our taxes during a recession. One of those traitors is a guy named Matt Dolan. Dolan ran an unsuccessful bid to be the guy to lead the Ohio House Republicans. He wanted to be Speaker just like Jon Husted. Like Husted, the only thing that Dolan brought to the table was an ability to raise funds.

As far as I know, Dolan -- at least -- lives in his district...

I would like to enter this in to evidence that this is the sort of "leadership" that the establishment Republicans in the party would have us get behind. Fortunately, we got lucky and the caucus chose Batchelder instead.