Thursday, October 15, 2009

Portman for Senate Ends 3rd Quarter with $5.14M Cash-on-Hand

TERRACE PARK, OH - The Portman for Senate Campaign today announced that it ended the third fundraising quarter with more than $5.14 million cash-on-hand. The campaign raised $1.3 million in the third quarter and doubled its total number of individual donors to nearly 7,000; total receipts for the cycle amount to $6.23 million. Rob Portman issued the following statement regarding the campaign's third-quarter numbers:

"We had another strong quarter. I am really grateful for the outpouring of support for our effort to take common-sense solutions to Washington. It is a clear signal that Ohioans are concerned about the economy and the direction of our state and country, and they are looking for a better solution to the tax-and-spend, job-killing agenda coming from Washington.

"The last thing we need is higher energy and health costs, and higher taxes on small businesses to pay for bigger and more intrusive government. Since Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher took over as Ohio's Economic Development Director, we have lost more than 350,000 jobs here in Ohio. Ohioans understand that we can no longer afford wrongheaded policies like the ones embraced by Job Czar Lee Fisher and his administration. If I am elected as Ohio's next U.S. Senator, I will have a laser-focus on creating the jobs we desperately need to pull us out of the economic decline.

"I intend to run a campaign of ideas about how we can work together to turn around our state our nation. The strong support we've received so far ensures that we will have the resources necessary to get out our message and respond to partisan attacks."

NOTE: The Portman for Senate campaign has assembled an impressive grassroots organization, anchored by 135 campaign chairs and co-chairs covering all of Ohio's 88 counties. Portman has also earned the unanimous endorsement of the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee and from the entire Republican delegation of both houses of the General Assembly and every Republican Member of Congress from Ohio.


$6.23 million: Total receipts for cycle

$5.14 million: Cash-on-Hand

$1.3 million: Amount raised in 3rd quarter

$4.71 million: Total amount raised by end of 3rd quarter filing

6,943: Total number of individual contributors

3,742: Individual donors in 3rd quarter

77%: Percentage of total contributions from Ohioans