Saturday, October 10, 2009

United Methodists' Offerings Being Used to Lobby For ObamaCare

For those of you who are United Methodists out there, you may be shocked to know where some of your collection money is going. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are being spent in the name of ALL United Methodists to lobby for the disaster of socialized medicine. Yep, you read that right. The United Methodist lobby office, located right across the street from the Us Capitol and Supreme Court, is lobbying for Obamacare. Ninety years ago the Methodist Building was built by Methodist ancestors to lobby for civic righteousness. Today, it is all about getting more people to stop worshipping Christ and being personally accountable and all about being in debt and worshipping the government and living off the government's providence, not divine Providence....

The United Methodist Church Board of Church and Society, spends 5 million dollars a year on the office, funded by YOUR collection money! These people who believe more in government intervention than God also helped organize a rally in DC for socialized medicine that included folks from ACORN (you know, those folks who claim to be about housing and such but tell you how to prostitute young girls and avoid paying taxes for it)and the SEIU.

The Methodist lobby office, speaking on behalf of ALL UM members, is trumpeting its "John 10:10 campaign," as social justice. Evidently, government run health care will create "life more abundant." Guess these clowns speaking for ALL United Methodists havent been to Canada or Great Britain....

They have a guy, their chief lobbyist, named Jim Winkler who said that anyone who opposes Obamacare MUST BE
"those who have benefited from white supremacy, male superiority and American exceptionalism."

In other words, if you odn't support using the church as an arm of socialism and political lobbying, then you must be racist, sexist or some such nonsense!

You might be shocked and disgusted to learn that the UM lobbyists worked closely with unindicted deceased murderer Ted Kennedy. This begs the question:
Why does the official UM lobby office have more in common with the deceased senator from MA than with most United Methodists?

Why does this church support a plan that would finance abortions with government money?

Why does this church office support a plan that would ration healthcare to the neediest people--the very young and very old?

For more on Jim Winkler and the disgusting things going on with the General Conference of the United Methodist Church, check out this link. They are for cap and trade, for heaven's sake! It is ridiculous!

The mainline churches are being co-opted by left wing extremists who use the basic tenets of Christianity to promote fascism. This is very similar to what the progressives of the early 20th century did. Don't let it happen again.

It is up to the individual, and the churches, not the government, to care for those in need. The church is trying to abdicate responsibility by foisting it on an uncaring and uncompassionate government.

Remember, Christ came to set us free from dominance and the law, not to make us slaves to it, and God gave us all FREE WILL. The United Methodist church seems to believe in the subjugation of freedom and free will to make it easier to swindle people out of their money they think is going to a Godly purpose, and instead make it go to a purely secular and sinister purpose: the subjugation of freedom in the name of "social justice."

I urge all churches in the denomination to begin to hold back apportionment money if you don't believe in what this group is doing IN THE NAME OF ALL United Methodists, and to instead seek to change the boards and those in control. The UM Church has shown it doesn't even believe in its own Discipline or much of the Bible anymore by its stands on things like healthcare and homosexuality. It is no wonder that its membership is dwindling. However, don't leave! Change the church and throw out the heretics and morons who seek to give the Christian stamp of approval to things which will limit God's greatest gift to us: freedom!