Sunday, November 01, 2009


Here is a release from the Butler County Republican Party regarding the emails that have been hitting inboxes the last few days:
Butler County, OH - The Butler County Republican Party is denouncing e-mails that were sent to a large number of its membership and County residents this past Friday (10/30/09 approx. 3pm ET) and on Sunday (11/01/09 approx. 4pm ET). Neither of the e-mails were authorized or sent by the Party.

Someone claiming to be the ‘Butler County GOP’ and ‘Real ButlerCty GOP’ sent mass e-mails from two Gmail accounts and used the subject lines ‘Butler County GOP News’ and ‘Butler GOP short video’. The sender attempted to mask their identity and provided no name. The content of the first message consisted mostly of an attached copy of a recent blog post from a local political opinion blog. The second message contained an old video attachment from Channel 12 WKRC.

The Butler County Republican Party does offer a voluntary subscription to occasional e-mail updates. However, the e-mail addresses are kept confidential to avoid abuse and to respect the privacy of its members and others in the community that want official communication from the Party. Those addresses have never been sold, distributed or made public for any reason.

Executive Chairman Tom Ellis explains, “Someone is deceiving our membership by sending these unsolicited e-mails. That isn’t acceptable in business and will not be tolerated by our Party. We will protect our members, our community, and the GOP brand. We are investigating these incidents and pursuing every avenue, including legal remedies. This attempted deceit will stop.”
I support the Chairman on this issue 100%.