Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cleveland Update: Legislating From the Bench Edition

Here is a story that hasn't gotten a whole lot of play but it is important on several fronts. The 8th District Court of Appeals is thumbing its nose at the Ohio Supreme Court and a ruling by that body that settled the issue of whether or not local gun control laws had any teeth. The answer to that question was decided by the Ohio Supreme Court in Ohioans For Concealed Carry, Inc. v. Clyde but that hasn't stopped the Democrats in Cleveland from pushing their radical agenda.

I said that this issue was important on several fronts and it is... Take the Republican primary race for Attorney General for instance. In Dave Yost, we have a solid conservative who supports the Second Amendment without question. In Mike DeWine, we have a liberal with a vast record of trashing the Second Amendment whenever it suits him.

It is also important, because we have several Courts of Appeals races going on RIGHT NOW around the state. Two seats in the 12th District are open this time. I happen to know that Rachel Hutzel is a strong Second Amendment supporter, but have no idea about Robin Piper (maybe somebody ought to ask him). These are all very relevant and important questions that we should be asking judicial candidates.