Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ohio College Republicans on Cordray's Defense of Privacy Invaders

(COLUMBUS, OH) In a statement released today by the Ohio College Republicans, Chairman Jonathon Snyder called on Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray to withdraw his taxpayer-funded defense of the three disgraced government employees involved in snooping on a private citizen for partisan political gain.

“We just want Attorney General Cordray to side with Ohioans and not just the Ohio Democratic Party.” said Ohio College Republican Chairman Jonathon Snyder.

“Our Attorney General has a choice in the matter, yet he is choosing to side with party over principle. In choosing to provide a taxpayer-funded defense of employees involved in grossly abusing government resources for partisan political gain, Richard Cordray is showing his true colors. Ohioans need an Attorney General who represents them, not the Ohio Democratic Party.”

Snyder noted that College Republicans from across the state are contacting the Attorney General's office this week to urge Cordray to make the right choice. He stated that, “We want to make sure our voice is heard on this, and we know many Ohioans agree with our view here. The bottom line is that there is an opportunity for Richard Cordray to make this right, and we want him to make the right choice for Ohio, not just the Democratic Party.”

The Ohio College Republican Federation (OCRF) is the statewide body of all College Republican chapters across Ohio, currently giving support and aid to over 45 chapters. The OCRF brings together nearly 10,000 members throughout Ohio and provides crucial grassroots support to Republican campaigns and organizations in Ohio, serving as the preeminent Republican youth organization in the state.