Thursday, November 05, 2009

Strickland and Details

You know the 527 Media is still in the tank for Democrats when they let fat pitches right down Broadway like this one go without even swinging the bat...
"Strickland insists that he provided detailed plans when he ran in 2006 and that 'no one should strive to be the governor of Ohio without being willing to be specific about what they intend to do with that office.'
COME ON! Seriously, Columbus have GOT to be kidding. Here is stuff from YOUR OWN PAPER refuting that nonsense:
"He provided no details, and asked afterward when he would unveil those details, Strickland said, 'I will do that if I win this election.'" (The Columbus Dispatch, 8/18/06)

"Critics say that on some of the most important issues facing Ohio, including education and taxes, Strickland, enjoying a lead in the polls, has so far avoided providing many specifics." (Columbus Dispatch, 8/27/06)

"John Green, director of the University of Akron's Ray C. Bliss School of Applied Politics, said it appears that Strickland has been vague on some controversial issues." (Columbus Dispatch, 8/27/06)

"So far, Strickland has played it safe, eschewing sweeping proposals for fixing Ohio's economy and schools in favor of a series of relative baby steps encompassed in his 'Turnaround Ohio' plan." (Joe "The Hack" Hallett, The Columbus Dispatch, 9/3/06)
And that's just the Columbus Dispatch!

Remember this, folks, when Democrats say that they have a secret plan that will be revealed only if you elect them, they are -- in fact -- lying.