Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Voinovich on Issue 6 Passage

“I want to congratulate the bipartisan leadership group that banded together to take the future of Cuyahoga County into their own hands. I am pleased that the voters of Cuyahoga County responded to their call for action. They know that the ship is sinking, and the passage of Issue 6 will ensure another vessel is in place to move this county forward. Establishing a new form of county government will demand that the community come together to make it successful. As a lifelong resident of Cuyahoga County, a 5-year county auditor, a 2-year county commissioner, and as mayor of Cleveland for 10 years, I intend to do all I can to work with the committee to make this transition work. Together we can do it! Finally, words cannot adequately express my true appreciation to the Cleveland Plain Dealer for their leadership on this vital issue.”