Monday, November 30, 2009

Why Are Southern GOP Chairs Dragging Feet in Yost/Dewine Race?

According to sources, there was a meeting held October 24, 2009, in which the Southern Ohio GOP County Chairs Association met to endorse the same candidates that the ORP has endorsed. There was also discussion of endorsing David Yost. The committee decided to wait and see what the ORP decides in this race. Do these people not realize the power they have? The Southern Ohio area is some of the strongest in GOP support and membership. Why wait to see what Mr. P., Kevin DeWine, and his toadies up north are going to do? Are you intimidated? Why are so many Republicans afraid of Mike DeWine? This guy lost to an also ran like Sherrod Brown, even though he outraised Sherrod Brown and outspent him. This is a guy who ran a horrible state campaign for John McCain. This is a man who betrayed southern Ohio values and conservative principle by being a member of the Gang of 14, by voting against drilling in ANWR, as well as by not exactly in his legislative past being an ardent defender of gun rights, even though he has changed his tune now.

Is it the cashola? Is it the DeWine name, does it send a tingle up the spine? Me, it makes me vomit. As written elsewhere, more people are realizing that liberals are not needed. More conservatives are standing up to the liberal country club republicans. Why didn't the Southern Ohio Chairs stand up to Mr. P, Kevin Dewine, and the rest of the no principle crowd and vote for someone who is conservative, who campaigns, and does more than give out thanksgiving recipes and hold ice cream socials with barbershop quartets?

People are tired of arrogant, self serving, uncommunicative arses like Mike Dewine. People were sick of him last time he ran for office, and they aren't feeling any better now. He let us down then, he will let us down now. Call your county chairs and ask them why they aren't voting to endorse a true conservative. Ask them why they aren't voting based on you, the constituents they were elected to serve, and why they are waiting for marching orders from Mr. P Kevin Dewine and the clowns in C-bus!