Friday, December 11, 2009

Brown County GOP Update 12/10/09

The Brown County GOP Central Committee met at Gepetto's Italian Grill last night. The meeting started at 7pm and I arrived at 7:20pm. Among the items up for discussion were endorsement policy, Lincoln Day, and getting geared up to get out the vote.

The first item was the endorsement policy. The rules as last amended had stated that the party would not endorse in national elected offices. This was done during the presidential primary season so as not to fracture the party, but it could be interpreted that we would not endorse in either a US House or Senate race, so this rule was amended to say that the Central Committee may now endorse on any issue or race but not the Presidential primary races. This now allows the CC to endorse issues, like the recently passed Issue 2 dealing with agriculture and animal husbandry.

The meeting went on to discuss changing the Central committee terms to 4 years as opposed to their current two years. This passed as well. Before anyone says, see, trying to grab power, the Democrats had already done this way before the GOP.

Lincoln Day was discussed and some preliminary plans were made. The celebration will take place sometime during the last two weeks in February. More details will be announced when they are concrete.

Bill Herdmann and Mariah Votel announced their plans for full participation and victory in 2010. Details were given and are easy to follow and with following will produce continued excellence for the party in the future.

Nominees for party awards were taken.

Rick Eagan's condition was discussed and a card was passed around to be sent to him. Also, Mrs. Cahall, who fell and injured herself at the Christmas party, had a card sent to her as well.

Lastly, Paul asked for people to be county chairs for some of the candidates. It should be noted that the only candidate that NO ONE AT ALL expressed interest in assisting was failed US Senator and current AG candidate Mike DeWine. ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION COLUMBUS?????

John Kasich has great representation for his county chair, as do Josh Mandel, Rob Portman, Jean Schmidt, Mary Taylor and I believe also Dave Yost, as well as Robin Piper and Rachel Hutzel. Jon Husted, I believe was not mentioned as needing a county chair. DeWine had asked for one but NO ONE ATTENDING OF THE QUORUM was interested.