Wednesday, December 02, 2009

WMD Cares About Team Mike DeWine: Some Help

In our effort to show that we truly do care, Team WMD has decided to extend a hand to Team Mike DeWine for AG by suggesting some campaign slogans to help Mark Weaver as he takes over as new head political consultant for Mike the Fink.

Mike DeWine--Not Wiser, Just Older

Mike DeWine--Hey, At least as State Attorney General, He Can't Screw the Whole Country Like He Did in the Senate

Mike DeWine for Attorney General--He'll Respect and Defend Ohio Law, Just like He did in the Senate....ok, maybe not.

Mike DeWine--He's For Gay Rights but Not Gun Rights

Mike DeWine--Keep Him Off the Welfare Rolls

Mike DeWine--He'll Ask His Daughter Before Making any Key Decision

Mike DeWine--Oil and Gas Exploration? Who Needs That!

Mike DeWine--Real Libs Wear Flannel

Mike DeWine--Same Old Guy, But with New Campaign Promises (Conceal/Carry Reciprocity) to break

Mike DeWine--If you Vote for Me, Serenades from the Barbershop Quartet for Everybody

Mike DeWine--If you vote for me, I promise I will quit sending out annoying recipe suggestions from my wife

Mike DeWine--As Conservative as I Need to Be...Until I Take the Oath

Mike DeWine--I'll Defend and Protect Ohio Law with the Same Respect I have for Campaign Law

Vote for Mike DeWine, It'll Make Cousin Kevin So Happy

and finally....

A Vote For Mike DeWine is a Vote for the good ol Days of George Voinovich and Bob Taft! Happy Days are Here again!