Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Also Ran Pulls Petition Against Boehner

If you need a good laugh, Intrepid Report Josh has the post for you.

Somebody no one has ever heard of pulled a petition to run against John Boehner in the primary.

Seriously, why bother?

1/14 UPDATE: This clown is trying to make us believe he is a Republican, but if you read his blog you will get the real story:
After much discussion in our coffee shop the temperaments of customers quite frequently flared up on both sides. I received many emails from patrons loyal to one political party, or the other, to convince me how to vote. I had never been in this situation, simply because I had no idea who I would vote for until about two month before the election.

But I did decide, and I would like to share why I voted the way I did. “Yes”, I think the Republican Party was fiscally irresponsible in many ways; “Yes”, I am not certain the war in Iraq is justified; and “Yes”, I am not sure the Presidential Team the R.P. elected was exactly what we needed and was able to direct our country based on voting records, etc..

But, there was one agenda item that swayed me to vote for Obama. The issue of healt care! For the life of me I am not able to understand why we as a prosperous nation do not have universal healthcare.
Yeah, this bloke has got a real shot in this district.....