Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dave Yost is Running for AG NOT Auditor

Here is a memo to Kevin DeWine...

Dear Kev,

Dave Yost is running for Attorney General. And you had better hope that he beats your second cousing Mikey like a bongo drum or there are going to be an awful lot of ticked off grassroots activists.

I can't imagine Dave Yost wanting to be Auditor. I can't imagine Dave Yost giving in to your pressure just to save your second cousin Mikey.

What does "restore conservative credibility" mean to you, Chairman? I'll tell you it doesn't mean "throw conservatives under the bus" but I think you think that is what it means.

Why won't you call the vote for the State Central Committee, Kev? Is it because you know that your second cousin Mikey will LOSE the endorsement?

I had such high hopes for you Kev. And the failures just keep mounting...please do better. For all of us. Do it for Ohio. Do it for the party. Please stop sucking.