Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dayton Commissioners Destroy City Want to Protest Kasich's Plan

I want to pass this message on from en email I got on Facebook:
Nothing gets me more stirred up than people in glass houses throwing stones. The economic geniuses who have killed Dayton and are profiting from its death will be protesting John Kasich's economic plan and tax cuts at a press conference on Monday at 3:30pm at Cooper Park by the Dayton Metro Library downtown.

If you would please alert your friends or leaders in the liberty/tea party movement or fellow Republicans, please do.

This flagrant politicking and economic warfare cannot go unchallenged. Let's protest the press-conference.

Surely all the news will cover the news conference, so what would be better than having a mob of picketing people with homemade signs in the background with slogans like "More liberty, smaller government" or "Lower taxes means more jobs."

The time is short so please organize!
A Dayton Daily News article on this subject is available here.

Having grown up in Dayton, I know that the Democratic rule there has pretty much decimated any chance that city has of recovering. Now that Rhine McLin is out of the mayor's office, there is hope that some real and effective change can happen but leave it to the commissioners to protest something that will actually create jobs, strengthen the economy, and solve a whole lot of problems just because they are too ignorant to learn about Kasich's plan.

As per usual, these clowns are looking for somebody else to blame for the misfortunes of the city and John Kasich hasn't even been elected to the governors mansion yet.