Friday, January 22, 2010

The Fight for the Very Soul of the ORP

As events continue to unfold, I can not help but be surprised by the level of shock I am seeing on the part of people who should know better.  Certain segments of the Republican establishment seem shocked that people like me are upset over these political maneuvers that actually weaken our party.  This has always been about the fight for the very soul of the Ohio Republican Party.  Those of you who think it makes no difference who our candidates are so long as they can raise fat cash and have an 'R' behind their name need to get with the program.  You simply can not continue to operate in shadows and expect the rank and file to go along with it anymore.  In the Information Age, the top-down control methods of the establishment are no longer effective and actually causes far more damage than ever before.

We keep fighting the last election instead of looking ahead.  Sure, there have been some technological advancements made by our team; but we still haven't embraced the message that goes along with social media.  People should be making decisions, not parties.  When politicians have the power to shut out another candidate, that disenfranchises all of us.  When the Party engages in thuggish behavior and condones these tactics, the rank and file loses their right to decide.  These things matter.

The Republican Party is supposed to stand for freedom not tyranny.  We are supposed to stand and fight for our principles, but so many think that the establishment is just too big.  We have them on the ropes.  We need to deliver the knock-out blow.  They have been running scared for quite some time.  Why else would the state Central Committee not take a stand on Yost vs. DeWine; yet within 24 hours, Kevin DeWine is out there stomping on Seth Morgan?  They are afraid of our power.  We need to use it.  We need to save the Republican Party from themselves.

Government is supposed to be of the People, by the People, for the People but the political parties have highjacked the system and are using it for their own purposes.  The parties have done whatever they could to protect their little fiefdoms and have perpetuated an incumbent protection racket to do it.  The whole message behind the Tea Party movement that the Republican Party can't seem to understand is that we are tired of being told what to do and how to think.  Let the People decide.