Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Ohio House GOP: Give Performance Audit on Budget Due Consideration

Bipartisan legislation about doing the right thing, Ohio can’t wait

COLUMBUS – State Representatives Todd Snitchler (R-Uniontown) and Peter Stautberg (R-Cincinnati) today called for further action on House Bill 65, a legislative measure that would require performance budgeting and audits of most state agencies. The call to action is affirmed by the state of Washington’s recent release of their performance audit, which announced more than $4.1 billion in immediate and long-term savings to the state’s budget.

“I applaud my colleague Clayton Luckie (D-Dayton) for joining my colleagues and me in support of this legislative measure,” said Snitchler. “While this bipartisan measure has sat idle in the Ways & Means Committee, similar models from different states such as Washington, Nevada, Indiana, and Utah have benefited from millions - billions of dollars in savings. The long-term benefit to Ohio’s state budget from performance audits would result in more effective, efficient use of our tax dollars. While Ohio has been tormented by the recent economic crisis, this sensible solution has sat idle for eight months.”

House Bill 65 will require the Ohio Auditor of State to conduct performance audits of certain state agencies every two years, while other agencies would undergo these audits on a rotating basis. Under H.B. 65, the auditor will conduct a performance audit of four state agencies that have filed performance data with the Director of Budget and Management for at least one biennium.

“Successful businesses continually look at their operations, and consider restructuring opportunities in order to enhance performance and cut costs,” said Stautberg. “House Bill 65 is a perfect opportunity to help ensure that Ohio taxpayers get the best results from their investment of tax dollars. I urge the House majority to place partisan politics aside and pass this out of the Ways & Means Committee, and allow a full vote before the House.”