Friday, January 22, 2010

Space Flip-Flops on Obamacare

Rep. Zack Space has finally gotten with the program and realized that nationalized health care was a political hot potato that he ought not be too firmly grasping and has signalled his intention to be a "no" vote to Speaker Pelosi.

Considering how long Space has been on board with this disaster, it is natural to wonder just what his motivations for changing his position are now.

State Senator Bob Gibbs, who is running to replace Space, released the following statement:
"It's getting harder and harder to know what Zack Space really stands for. His flip flop on Health Care is more of politics-as-usual.

He claimed to care about universal medical coverage, despite its oppressive cost, but now wants to pretend he's against it and hide from his record once he saw the results in Massachusetts.

That's not leadership. I opposed the Obama/Pelosi/Space nationalized Health Care plan from the start. It's too costly at a time when government needs to tighten its belt, and would hurt our district - especially our seniors.

If Zack Space really cared about any of that, he wouldn't have gone along with his troublesome vote in the first place. But, as usual, the only way to get Zack's attention is through polls and shifting of the political winds."
Questions for Space: Is this a political calculation? Is the Senate bill just not liberal enough? He voted for government-run healthcare already. This is a phony flip flop.