Friday, January 08, 2010

The Whole Dang Round Up 1/9/2010

Well, folks, it has been a long time since I have posted, except for my book review below, so I will put together some thoughts about some recent events.

Nice Job, Brownie Redux?

Janet Naopolitano, the current Homeland Security Secretary, is a walking disaster. In the wake of the Christmas Day Bomb plot, she goes out on national TV and says, "the system worked". Um, excuse me? The terrorist not only gets on a plane to America with a bomb, he begins to activate it, all despite being on watch lists and no fly lists. Oh yeah, and his own family turned him in to us and told us he was an islamic extremist. And this moronic hairhelmet dunce has the audacity to say the system worked? and while I am on this, where in the hell was the US President? Oh yeah, he was in bed. His aides didn't think he needed to be informed until six hours or so after he event took place. Yet, for an award he did nothing deserving to win, they woke him up immediately. Kind of let's you know the priorities of the Obama White House. And the best that Team Obama could come up with in the immediate wake of this mess? No potty breaks in the last hour or something of a flight, and no blankies allowed either. Well, considering the condition of most airline blankets, I don't mind that at all. Naopolitano's ignorance and arrogance is hardly surprising considering her background. She helped prosecute Tim McVeigh in the OK City bombing. She thinks the only terrorists are those who love the country, the military, and the Christian God. She even put out a report attacking our brave men and women coming home from the war on terror. Is it any surprise she is totally clueless about this situation? Yet, there is ol Obama, keeping this senile dumbarse around. Could this be his "Katrina" moment? I mean, the best he can do is come out and finally (a day or so ago) declare war on al qaeda anew? Do you think they are going to think you are serious, captain Apology? Come on now.

Maybe He is Getting Tough After All

The one good thing to come out of this is that the administration has now put out a list of about 12 nations, I believe, whose citizens must face more serious scrutiny at airports before boarding planes. Of course, the CAIR folks and the other aiders and abettors of criminals (the ACLU) are already getting their attack dog lawyers ready, but this really is something WE SHOULD HAVE ALREADY BEEN DOING. Little old Jewish Grandma was never a suspect. The ones who want to kill us are radical ISLAMIC extremists, typically from Islamic dominated countries. It is not profiling, morons, it is using your resources most efficiently. I wonder how long this newfound vigilance by the Obama team will last, considering how much he apologizes to every other nation and bows to every foreign leader he comes across.

And While We Are on Counter Terrorism and Intelligence

Do you know why in part this underwear bomber was able to get through all the warnings and watchlists and such? It is because the morons in Congress on both sides of the aisle decided after 9/11 that it was better to create MORE bureaucracy in the intelligence system and the counterterrorism area. Yes, the efficiency of the Post Office or the DMV is at work getting the latest intel to the proper people. Give me a break. We need less bureaucracy and less agencies to jump through. Could we please buy a clue before AQ really does succeed and blow something up?

But don't worry, I am not just going to pick on my liberal friends....

Wanted: A GOP Chair with Some Stones

Mike Steele has been trying to say the right things. He was out there talking about the dangers of stimulus and the like. He has spoken out on healthcare. But when it comes to motivation and a plan for true victory: HE SUCKS. Recently in interviews he doubted that the GOP could take back the House or the Senate. Wow, Mike, way to motivate the troops. If you would have been at Valley Forge, we would be sending our tax dollars to England instead of China today. If you had been the leader in the Argonnes forest, you wouldn't have been able to hold out for Patton. Whatever happened to victory, and whatever happened to being optimistic and motivating our forces and grass roots?

And then there is the OH GOP

In Ohio, we have leaders who are too chicken#### to take a stand on much of anything. Despite overwhelming disdain for former US Senator and Gang of 14 member and hater of 2nd Amendment rights Mike DeWine, the ORP State Central Committee has chosen not to endorse his more conservative and more directly experienced primary opponent, Dave Yost. And, instead of castigating five senators who crossed over and voted to raise party taxes, people tell me the party helped pick out the designated lambs to slaughter because most or all of them are either term limited or aren't running again. Yet at the same time, the ORP tries to claim the mantle of fiscal responsiblity and lowering budgets, all the while less than four years removed from the idiocy of the Taft Administration. And then, as my friend Tom Blumer wrote a few days ago, you have the pet of Party Chair Kevin DeWine, Jon Husted, running for secretary of state. This guy skirts over the integrity of Ohio election law, not even really living in the district he represents. Then, he castigates those who voted to increase taxes in the Senate (he is currently a state senator). What Kevin and Jonny won't tell you is Jon didn't mind raising your taxes when he was Speaker of the Ohio house, in fact he voted for damn near every tax incrase that came his way while he was in the House.

And this detritus and garbage are supposed to inspire us to vote for them? Meanwhile, true dedicated public servants who don't have super huge donors and do massive fundraising like Mary Taylor remain disrespected and overlooked. Mary Taylor has done a hell of a job as Auditor of State. Mostly because SHE'S BEEN DOING HER JOB MORE THAN CAMPAIGNING.

And sitting on this pile of poo is one Kevin DeWine, a guy who comes in with a fancy website talking about taking back ohio with some core principles, but the website and principles disappear when Kevin is called on the fact he hasn't followed most of what he laid out, epsecially when it comes to matters of integrity and being who we claim to be. Of course, he and his ilk are only about dollars and not about the principle. And with such visionary and motivational leaders as Mike "well, we might win a few, maybe" Steele at the head of the party, can you expect any more from a guy who is related to Mike DeWine? I mean, really, what did we expect?

On the plus side

Spent time with the family this Christmas season and saw two good films. Sherlock Holmes is an excellent movie, but only if you check images of Basil Rathbone at the door. It is a more modern take on the character, but the essence of the deductive genius is still there. Also, for crazy family fun, check out the Chipmunk Squeakuel. It is quite humorous and it has Zach Levi from Chuck in it. And, while you are at it, go read Vince Flynn's Pursuit of Honor. It is fantastic.

And finally....

Roll Tide, Roll! Alabama was able to outlast and outplay Texas in the national championship game last night. Heisman trophy winner Mike Ingram was able to break the jinx of Heisman winners in championship games by leading Alabama to the win and being named offensive player of the game. Sadly, Texas QB Colt McCoy got hurt in the first quarter and never returned. However, Texas rallied and made a game out of it. And thankfully, there was no Thom Brennaman to do the game. Yes, that Thom Brennaman, son of Marty, the hall of famer. Thom Brennaman lost all respect this season for his rather lusty and ridiculous praise of Florida's Tim Tebow. During the debacle of the Sugar Bowl, Thom couldn't help drooling all over Tim Tebow and singing his praises. Earlier in the season, Thom became a national laughingstock with his drooling quote of: "if you spend just a minute or two with Tim Tebow, your life is changed and you are a different person because of him." Um, I didn't see Tim walk on water yet. It was quite disgusting and embarrassing. If Thom wants to prostitute himself out like that, then please take the last name of Grande and quit claiming any relation to Marty, who has never ever gushed over someone like that. I mean, it bordered on a bromance. It was pathetic and I will change the channel when Thom is doing games for the Reds. Oh yeah, and the guy who thinks Jim Tressel walks on water took many shots at the University of Cincinnati. Thom, this is your hometown team, could you at least be fair to them? How about some perspective from a Cincy resident? Nope, he just sucked up to Tim Tebow and the Gators and Troy Aikman. It was sad and a disgrace to his father. If I were Tebow, I think I would see about a restraining order, because Thom might want to take this to the next level.

Adios, farewell, and see you next time.....