Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gibbs Files Petitions for Congress

New Philadelphia – State Senator Bob Gibbs today filed his official petitions to become a Republican candidate for Congress in Ohio’s 18th district. The petitions were filed at the Tuscarawas County Board of Elections, which is the largest county in the 18th District.

“I’m proud to officially file as a candidate for Congress in the 18th,” said Gibbs of the filing. “As I’ve traveled throughout this district there is one common theme regardless of party affiliation; people are fed up with Zack Space for betraying their trust and voting against the workers and families of this district every chance he gets.”
Upon filing, Gibbs encouraged all voters in the district to compare the voting records of both he and Space. “There is a clear difference between me and Zack and our voting records,” commented Gibbs. “Zack votes with Nancy Pelosi on damaging legislation like Cap and Tax (Trade), government run healthcare and a failed stimulus package. His votes support higher taxes, higher energy costs, higher deficit spending and more government. Conversely, I co-authored a 21% income tax reduction for every Ohioan and repealed burdensome job killing taxes on businesses. I fought for four years and successfully passed legislation to overturn additional and costly sales tax collecting requirements on Ohio’s retailers. I sponsored and passed legislation to protect property rights from overzealous government entities from eminent domain proceedings. I have a strong conservative record for fiscal responsibility, lower taxes and protection of our freedoms,” concluded Gibbs.
Gibbs is one of a handful of legislators to be recognized by the National Federation of Independent Businesses, NFIB for his work, NFIB awarded Gibbs with their prestigious Guardian of Small Business Award. Additionally, Gibbs has several times been awarded the Watchdog of the Treasury Award from United Conservatives of Ohio.
Gibbs is currently serving in the Ohio Senate, being elected to that position in 2008 after serving three terms in the Ohio House of Representatives. He and his wife Jody live in Lakeville and have three grown children.