Thursday, February 11, 2010

In 2 of 3 Key Races, Brown County Tells Kevin DeWine and the ORP Establishment to Buzz Off

Kevin Dewine and the Jason Ochocincos and John Ochocincos thought they had it all figured out. Snow Dave Yost into giving Mike DeWine a clear path to the AG, and tell little Seth Morgan to know his place and wait his turn. Well, the people of Brown County told Kevin and Co. that they don't agree with backroom deals and trying to take away the choice of the people. Tonight in Georgetown, in 2 of 3 key races with Kevin DeWine's pawprints all over them, the people of Brown County started telling Columbus thanks but no thanks.

In Brown County, a candidate must receive 65% of the vote of the Central Committee to win endorsement. The party had to suspend the rules regarding the standard endorsement procedure to vote on the State Auditor's race, due to the late departure of Mary Taylor and the subsequent announcements of candidacy by Yost and Morgan.

I will run down the races beginning with US Congress 2nd District. Incumbent and frequent firebrand Jean Schmidt is opposed by Mike Kilburn of Warren County and Debbie Allsfelder (sp?) of Mariemont.

US Congress, 2nd District

Mike Kilburn was first to speak. Mike has served the good people of Warren County for over 20+years as a Warren County Commissioner. In his tenure, the County went from being broke to having 180 million in the bank. He spoke of his dedication to fiscal conservatism, and his record on cutting costs and being pro growth are testaments to that. He spoke of his belief in capitalism and low taxes on entrepeneurs and businesses, as well as all people. Mr. Kilburn has an impressive record as a Commissioner of one of Ohio's biggest and fastest growing counties, and the story of Warren County is one to be lauded. He would bring fiscal conservatism and common sense to Washington. He made news and appeared on the Glenn Beck show for standing up and saying "we don't need Obama's filthy stinking stimulus money" for Warren County. He is pro 2nd Amendment, a gun owner, and is a solid social conservative as well. He gave a very informational speech and his record speaks volumes about his conservative credentials. Two big lines from his talk: God only asks for 10%, why should we give government so much more?" and he is a big flat tax advocate.
Debbie Allsfelder is originally from Clinton County and currently resides in Mariemont. She is a CPA and a lawyer, and her three sons all attended West Point. Her oldest is getting ready to start his 2nd deployment and her 2nd son is getting ready to be deployed. Her 45h child is a little 10 year old girl. She is very active in her community. She is in favor of term limits, as well as a strict constructionist view of Constitution. She said she would have a 3 part test for bills that came to her desk: 1. is it constitutional? 2. Can we afford it? 3. Do we need it? One of her biggest assets is that she is not a career politician and doesn't want to be one. She wants to serve her country like her boys are. She says she is conservative across the board and talked in general about strong defense, lessening size of government, and cutting spending and taxes.
Jean Schmidt is the sometimes controversial incumbent. She said you know where she stands and has fought for the district. She is mad at the direction the country is going and was appalled last week when the Democrats applauded after getting the votes to raise the debt ceiling for the 5th time in 14 months. She said she is solidly conservative, pro gun, pro life, pro traditional marriage. She talked of her assistance to crisis pregnancy centers, as well as her role in helping Perry twp. with water troubles. She also talked about how President Obama has not kept his promise to Ohio to send money and business to the Piketon plant, money which is now going to go to Iowa and a French company, our tax dollars going to the French. She urged people to call the White House Switchboard and tell the President to honor his promises and also to express dissatisfaction with his myopic focus on side issues like healthcare, cap and trade, etc. when the main issue is jobs. That number is
(202)456-1414. Jean faced a very deft question from Mt. Orab resident Dennis Wright, who asked her about her stance on the stimulus and bailouts. Jean said she voted for TARP I because local businesspeople were telling her they would not be able to survive if she didn't. She did say she voted against TARP II and is opposed to the Stimulus. She said she voted for TARP I because it would help loosen credit, however, as most people can tell, that hasn't happened.

2nd District US Congress Results

Jean Schimdt won the endorsement with 81% of the vote. All three candidates have some impressive credentials and would be great in public service, but the Central Committee in Brown County felt Jean Schmidt should get the endorsement and return to Washington.

US Senate

Tom Ganley had no representation. A rep from Portman's campaign spoke and discussed Rob's ties with the district, his record, etc. They discussed his solid NRA rating as well as right to life rating of 100 percent. They also said they were advancing in the new media aspect, including text updates you can get by texting "rob" to
46262. 9000 donors have given Portman a bank account of over 6 million as of the end of 2009.
RESULT: Rob Portman received 94% of the vote and won the endorsement of the county central committee.

Judge, 12th District Court of Appeals

Rachel Hutzel, prosecutor of Warren County and WMD contributor, won endorsement for one of the seats on the court with 94% of the vote. She spoke of her solid record as a prosecutor and her conservative credentials.
Robin Piper, prosecutor of Butler County, won endorsement for the other seat on the court with 89% of the vote.

88th District, State House of Representatives

Danny Bubp is seeking one last term before being term limited. He spoke of his solid conservative record on guns and life and such, as well as detailing the horrible actions by the current speaker in regards to the essay contest winner discussed earlier here at WMD. Danny Bubp won endorsement with 88% of the vote.

County Commissioner

Rick Eagan, two time former candidate, is seeking to run again, despite his debilitating car accident detailed previously on WMD. His daughter spoke for him as he is continuing his recovery. She gave an impassioned plea to the central committee, citing Rick's love for the area and his service in many different facets. Rick won endorsement with 75% of the vote.

State Central Committee, Male

Incumbent John Becker, who keeps everyone in his area informed through appearing at tea parties, rallies, and committee meetings, as well as the Becker report, fell two votes shy of the 65% needed for endorsement, but did have a majority of the votes. He has represented us well and I was disappointed for John. He votes how the people tell him and is willing to take unpopular stands. I wish him the best and hope he continues to fight hard for SW Ohio.

State Treasurer

Josh Mandel is an up and comer on the Ohio political scene. Danny Bubp spoke on his behalf. He won endorsement with 89% of the vote.

Secretary of State

Unfortunately, the establishment won this one. Jon Husted won endorsement with 83% of the vote, despite being a State senator who represents Montgomery County but lives in Columbus. Despite bringing this up, I was unable to get people to vote against him. He did not show up himself, but sent a representative who deflected the residency question by saying the Ohio Supremes voted unanimously for Husted, but not detailing it was all Repubs and that the questions remain. He said he voted for lower taxes but did not discuss the CAT tax. Ugh. One win for team ORP.

Governor of Ohio

Brown County spoke with one voice in saying we want a New Day and a New Way by voting 100% to endorse John Kasich and Mary Taylor. Danny Bubp spoke on John's behalf, who will be the keynote speaker at Brown County's Lincoln Day dinner, March 13th, at the Eagle's Hall in Georgetown. Check out the Brown County GOP's website for further details or hit them up on facebook.

County Auditor

The popular Doug Green won endorsement with 88% of the vote. He has served the county for 12 years, I do believe, and has headed up the State County Auditor's association, also, I think.

And now, for the kick in Team ORP's behind....

State Attorney General

Mike DeWine carried Brown County solidly in his failed reelection to the US Senate vs. Sherrod Brown. I guess he thought he didn't need to show up to speak to us hicks, because he sent campaign staffer John Hall to speak to us. Mr. Hall spoke about how DeWine wanted to improve efficiency in the crime lab, and how DeWine wanted to stop suing businesses in Ohio like Cordray has done. Well, the fit hit the shan when it was opened up to questions. Doug Sikking asked how dewine wanted to improve the efficiency in the crime lab and picked apart Mr. Hall's answer, saying it wouldn't make much difference. Mr. Hall was also asked how Mike DeWine could claim to be pro 2nd Amendment when the NRA gives him an F as does the Buckeye Firearms folks and how he could be pro traditional marriage when he was opposed to Ohio's DOMA and was endorsed by a gay activist group. Mr. Hall gave the standard DeWine dodge that he believes in the right to bear arms and will seek more reciprocity for conceal/carry and that he thought Ohio's DOMA was vague. Mr. Dewine failed by double digit percentage points to win the endorsement, despite his 2nd cousin clearing the field for him. Wonder what Dave Yost was thinking as he prepared to discuss the auditor's race?

State Attorney General Results

The central committee of Brown County rejected backroom deals and nepotism by REJECTING Mike DeWine. No endorsement awarded by double percentage points.

State Auditor

First, let me say that I really like Dave Yost. I admire his record as a prosecutor and as an auditor, and he writes a great blog. He is a man of deep moral beliefs and has conservative values. He is a great guy who has promoted our blog and reads it regularly. He sai some very gracious things to my party chairman Paul Hall regarding our work here and how much he appreciates what we do. That being said, I was disappointed in Dave's decision but was resigned to possibly supporting him for State Auditor. Dave discussed his record as a prosecutor and county auditor, having won a certificate of excellence as auditor 4 times in a row. He received awards as auditor from both Jim Petro and Betty Montgomery. He says he is the only candidate who has been a county auditor and who has headed an executive agency. He discussed how the only jobs Obama has created are in NJ, VA, and MA. Dave gave a good presentation. One central committee member asked Dave why he switched races and he said it was because that the state apportionment board is important and that he was asked by people around the state because he brought experience, no offense to his primary challenger Seth Morgan. He said he mulled it over and thought it was best for the party that he switch.

Seth Morgan took the podium and was electric. He discussed his humble beginnings as an outsider council member in Huber Heights and how he fought against incumbents and worked his way to the Ohio Statehouse. He talked about how he stood for what was right above party as he discussed taking on the party on several key votes, including standing up for conservative House Republican leader Batchhelder against the establishment pick of Matt "the tool" Dolan. He is a CPA and a small businessman. He said the key to beating the Daddy Bigbucks campaign of David Pepper is to have a candidate who presents a clear choice to the people. He said Ohioans were fed up with the establishment and politics as usual and that his recor has shown that no bureaucrat or party is too big for him to take on. While Dave Yost discussed experience as an auditor, Seth Morgan said he has experience standing up under pressure and doing what is right, and that is what Ohio need more than someone who could be charged with bowing to political pressures on backroom dealing. He discussed how he forced transparency in education in Ohio as well as taking on his own party to do not what was safe, but what is right, adn that we need more transparency and someone who will not bend to political pressure and his record has shown that.

State Auditor Results

Seth Morgan won the endorsement with 75% of the vote, while Dave Yost garnered 13%. I felt really bad for Dave Yost. He got screwed over by Kevin DeWine and the establishment ORP. He fell prey to the calls for unity and doing what is best for the Dewines, er, I mean the ORP. Instead of standing on principle, Dave went for making friends in the party. While that may win him some cash and some invites, these people are not his friends. They played Dave to clear the field for Mike DeWine as well as trying to keep an outsider like Seth Morgan from stepping out of line and daring to buck the elite. Dave Yost is a good man who agonized over this decision, but I think he chose wrongly. People were turned off that Yost gave up on his original goal, especially after winning endorsement after endorsement. The cash would have come as things heated up, especially in the general. But, Dave was seduced by the forked tongue of Kevin DeWine, who has engineered this whole thing. If this is his leadership, I don't think we should be impressed by 13 percent. Dave Yost went all in for the party, and he got screwed. A good man was humbled tonight, but another good man was given momentum in a vote that shocked many of the political class in the room. However, this should be a bellwether to Team ORP. Stop the politics as usual. Let the people's voice be heard, and quit the mindgames and manipulation. Or, continue on the path of expediency and continue to wander in the wilderness. For a wrinkly old fossil of a second cousin, Kevin DeWine sacrificed the political future of Dave Yost, who lost credibility when he switched, even though he did so for what he felt were the right reasons. I hope it was worth it Kevin, and I hope other county parties continue to send the message that the Ohio Republican Party should stand for something other than expediency and backroom dealing.