Friday, February 26, 2010

ORP Update

I had an opportunity to exchange a few emails with Ohio Republican Party Executive Director Jason Mauk this morning and I wanted to share two items from that discussion.

Strickland vs. Kasich

Regarding the Quinny poll, Jason says:
First, the Q poll is a registered (not likely) voter survey. That always tends to skew the results. The more telling problem for Strickland in this poll is that he continues to trend below 50 percent. That’s bad news for him. This post will add some insights along those lines.

That aside, we’ve always expected the race to be tight, and I won’t be surprised to see it go back and forth a few times.
While I think Jason makes a very fair point regarding the registered vs. likely voters (3BP has a great post to suppliment this point too), I find it reassuring that the race is expected to stay tight for awhile. That makes a lot of sense based on what we've seen and heard so far in this race.

Lucas County GOP Chairman Fiasco

The last I heard, the State Central Committee was to decide who the actual winner is but that was some time ago. here is what Jason had to say about that:
The court has instructed our state committee to decide which faction should be legally recognized as the Lucas County Republican Party. Our attorneys are reviewing the ruling and advising us on how to proceed. I believe Jon Stainbrook has filed another appeal. Not sure yet whether that will again keep the committee from proceeding.
Keep your eyes on this, sports fans, because it is one hot mess.