Thursday, February 04, 2010

Unbelievable Letter From Mike DeWine


Well, Mikey, you OPPOSED State Issue 1 which was OHIO's Defense of Marriage Act so maybe that has something to do with why people in OHIO think you have failed to support traditional marriage.

Let's chat about judges...  While your membership in the Gang of 14 may have secured Chief Roberts and Justice Alito, you FAILED to get us the rest of the conservative judges that President Bush nominated.  Justice Miguel Estrada, and Janice Rogers Brown, among MANY others got the shaft because of YOU, Mikey.

Another point on judges:
After President George W. Bush nominated White House Counsel Harriet Miers on October 3, 2005, for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court, DeWine said "I think the fact she doesn't have judicial experience will add to the diversity of the Supreme Court... There is no reason everyone has to have that same (judicial) background."Opposition from conservative groups unhappy with Miers' resume ultimately sank her nomination.
I think we'll keep our own counsel on judges, Mike...

I find this passage particularly fishy:
In all likelihood prevented President Obama's health care bill from passing. If the judicial filibuster had been eliminated, a simple majority of Democrats in this Congress could have voted to eliminate the legislative filibuster, paving the way for easy (51 votes) passage of Obama's health care bill.
But I'll point out that Mike DeWine had the Gang of 14 had NOTHING to do with preseerving the judicial OR legislative filibuster(s).  He is trying to take credit for something he DID NOT DO...

This bit...
Mike DeWine believes strongly in the 2nd Amendment and an individual’s right to bear arms. Government should focus on keeping guns out of the hands of criminals -- not law abiding citizens! DeWine respects the right of Americans to carry firearms for protection and self-defense. He supports Ohio’s concealed carry law and as Attorney General, he will work to expand reciprocity agreements with other states. so completely ridiculous all I'm going to do is point out that the Buckeye Firearms Association has declared Mike persona non grata and for GOOD reason.  Mike, Ohioans want politicians who actually practice what they preach.

Now, I haven't touched on everything in this letter because quite frankly there are some things that Mike DeWine got right.  But let's not pretend -- even for a minute -- that on the serious issues that conservatives got everything they ever wanted from Mike DeWine.  That is simply a fairy tale.  We can agree on supporting the military, pro-life issues, and the naming of post offices; but on the bulk of other issues, Mike DeWine's conservative credentials are a deception bordering on fraud.

But don't take my word for all means, check out his record.  It speaks volumes.