Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Whole Dang Round-Up, Feb 6, 2010

Hey has been a trying few weeks since the holidays, but I survived. Figured I would chime in some on some things going on.


Happy Birthday, Ronald Reagan

Our 40th President would have been 99 today. The Great Communicator was the greatest President of the 20th Century, and is one of the top 10 in our history. We have discussed the wonders of Ronaldus Maximus in other posts, but I just wanted to give acknowledgement again to the Gipper and hope that we lean more toward his ideas and less toward the squishes as we move forward, or else we will continue in the morass and wilderness we find ourselves in, and will not get back to the Shining City On a Hill.

NASCAR stuff: Love Mark Martin, but the Car is Ugly

NASCAR is back...did it ever leave? Geez, this season makes baseball look like a one day tournament. Mark Martin won the pole for the Daytona 500. Woohoo! I hope he finally pulls through and wins both the 500 and the championship. However, his new sponsor,, has an ugly paint scheme. And Mark does not fit in with the godaddy girls, to be sure.

Super Bowl

I am disappointed there will be no Favre, but it should still be a game that pulls people in. I will be rooting for the Colts. 1. I like Peyton Manning--he is humble but funny, and he works hard to be the best. 2. Obama picked New Orleans. 3. I am tired of hearing about Hurricane Katrina. I am sorry for all the death and destruction but let us not forget that Hurricane Hugo destroyed much of North Carolina and they were able to rebuild bigger and better and we don't still harp on things every time we see the Panthers or Hurricanes or the Tar Heels win a game that they are giving hope to people. It has been five years. Enough already. 4. I don't root for someone who allows himself to be called Brees Jesus. Sorry, Drew, you seem like a nice guy, but that is just too much. Go Colts!

Ohio's Republican Party Leadership Vaccuum

Too often in Ohio and across the nation, those of us involved have not taken our positions of leadership seriously enough. As members of central committees we have not done enough to let our constituents voices be heard to the central party leadership and to our elected officials. This has led to a leadership vaccuum and has created the mess we are in. Tonight on the radio I said I would take my job more seriously and I am going to do so. At my county's next central committee meeting, I am going to move that we admonish/censure State Senator Tom Niehaus for his recent vote to enact what is a retroactive tax increase on the good people of Ohio. I am also going to move and ask my fellow members to vote no endorsement for Mike DeWine as well as John Husted. These two men are not trustworthy and should not be given a free pass. I encourage other counties' central committees to do the same and stand firm against what has been a shell game by feckless party chair Kevin DeWine. And, I suggest that we hold our state central committee people accountable in their votes as well......In this way, we can make sure our voices are heard and let the people who try to subvert the will of the people like Kevin DeWine know that those days are over....

Obama's State of the Union

How's all that hope and change and unicorn farts working for you now? Not so much, huh?

Oh yeah? And Michelle Obama Says Her Kids Are Fat!

Imagine if Laura or W had said their kids were fat. There would be calls for child service intervention. However, Mrs. The One says it and it is like a breath of fresh air.....

Oprah to talk to child molesters this week

Funny, I didn't know she would be so active in the running of her "school" in Africa.....

Dave Yost's Switch to Auditor

I am very disappointed in Mr. Yost, and wish he had not been fooled by the cries from Kevin Dewine and others that this is "for the good of the party." What about the good of the state? Mike DeWine and Dick Cordray are different shades of the same color. Yost offered a clear choice. Mr. Yost put politics over principle and the faith of the people who endorsed him.

Tea Partiers Go National

The little engine that could continues to grow, and if the GOP is not careful, they will find themselves on the ash heap of history because they took these people too lightly and just thought platitudes and public appearances could placate them. People aren't so easily fooled now, folks, you better get your acts together. And if in November the GOP doesn't make strides, it will be the GOP's fault, not these folks or Glenn Beck.

People of all stripes are angry at the arrogance of the two big parties. Keep on your current path and one day the jackass and the pacyderm may be the endangered species.

Well, it is getting late and it is cold out. Until next time, God bless you all and God bless America....