Tuesday, March 09, 2010

ORP Chair Calls on Fisher and Brunner to Refuse Special Interest Donations

(Columbus) - Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine called on Democratic U.S. Senate candidates Lee Fisher and Jennifer Brunner to denounce and refuse a massive, multi-million dollar investment in the 2010 election by the AFL-CIO, one of nation's largest special interest groups.

Fisher and Brunner recently condemned a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that lifts a ban on political spending by corporations and unions, saying it will bring an onslaught of "negative, hyperbolic ads" and undermine a core American value that "voters, not special-interest groups, should decide elections."
"If they're so opposed to special interest groups trying to influence Ohio's elections, then I'm sure they won't have a problem calling on the AFL-CIO to put their money somewhere else," said DeWine.
The labor union recently announced plans to spend upwards of $53 million this year by rolling out its "biggest political campaign ever." According to news reports, Ohio is one of six states to be targeted by the labor union, with funding directed at congressional races.
"They can't have it both ways," DeWine added. "Lee Fisher and Jennifer Brunner want to condemn special interest spending on the one hand while using the other hand to give their allies a big thumbs up," Dewine added. "If they think this type of spending is so destructive, they should denounce it and tell these groups to spend their money elsewhere. My guess is we're just seeing another example of Democrats saying one thing and doing another."