Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tea Party Ought Not Be Impressed with Blackwell Endorsement of Yost

Twitter is all abuzz with the usual suspects practically wetting themselves over the fact that Dave Yost got an endorsement today.  I love how people who have no idea what the Tea Party is about or even care if the Tea Party's values are advanced or not are trying to play the endorsement of Ken Blackwell as some sort of tea party slap in the face to Seth Morgan.

I can't (and wouldn't even if I could) speak for the Tea Party leaders or the movement, but I am not impressed with Ken Blackwell's endorsement.

Ken Blackwell garnered 37% of the vote last time he was on the ballot.  The Tea Party types decided it wasn't worth going to the polls since Ken got their vote in the primary pushing TEL but pulled a Yost Maneuver and got cozy with the establishment for the general.

Ken Blackwell was so cool as a governor candidate, that the GOP-dominated legislature tried to circumvent Blackwell with something called LegisTEL and all these same people claiming that this is some big deal were trying to sell us the goods that LegisTEL was the same thing as actual TEL.

I know a real conservative when I see one.  Ken Blackwell talked a good talk, but when it came time to walk the walk, we got LegisTEL.  LegisTEL, by the way, was supposed to curb spending and legislators weren't supposed to ignore it like they do, but this is the Blackwell Legacy.  How's spending in Ohio looking today?

Sorry, kids, I ain't impressed.  And Tea Party members shouldn't be either.