Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yost Attacks Morgan...and Mandel...and Husted...and Kasich...and Small Towns...and Ward Councilmen

Dave Yost’s new attack is that Seth Morgan has never been an Executive Office holder…but neither has Husted, Mandel, or Kasich.  Why is Dave Yost attacking the bulk of our ticket?

In a letter sent to Lake County GOP Central Committee Members, Dave Yost wrote this:
My opponent has never served in an executive branch office like Auditor of State, and little more than a year ago was a ward councilman in a small city outside of Dayton.  As you consider our credentials, ask yourself which of us is better-equipped to lead an executive office of more than 830 people scattered across Ohio in many offices.
Dave is racking up an impressive number of insults here...  Small town?   Ward councilman?  Don't bother, you are nobody.

I never saw this arrogance when Dave was taking on Mike DeWine.

It is no wonder that the Lake County GOP endorsed Seth Morgan...