Monday, April 19, 2010

Ohio House Republicans Oppose Cap and Trade

COLUMBUS—Ohio House Republican Assistant Whip Cheryl Grossman (R-Grove City) today was joined by her fellow caucus members in signing and delivering letters to U.S. Senators George V. Voinovich and Sherrod Brown, regarding deep concern of the cap and trade and other impairing regulations.

“We support efforts to diversify our energy portfolio and protect the environment. However, these proposals would have a negligible impact on world temperature and would punish consumers with unaffordable increases in energy costs,” Grossman said. “With Ohio’s economy struggling to revive amid a recession and a whopping 11 percent unemployment rate, now is the wrong time to put into action any plans that would lead to overwhelming job losses and increased energy costs.”

In the letters, House Republicans outlined growing concerns of the economic consequences of legislative or administrative efforts to implement cap and trade policies or to regulate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases as pollutants. Moreover, concerns in the letter also expressed that Ohio is so reliant on these energy producers that these increased costs are really another tax in disguise that will impact all Ohioans. The implementation of these policies would be extremely damaging to Ohio’s long-term success and budget sustainability.

House Republicans hope to encourage Senators Voinovich and Brown to oppose cap and trade and other proposed greenhouse gas regulations and assert that as the state budget continues to face ongoing revenue shortfalls, establishing new taxes on traditional energy sources as a way to subsidize will lead to a steeper economic downfall.
Cap and Tax is a Job Killer. Here is hoping that our Senators in DeeCee do the right thing and vote it down.