Friday, April 02, 2010

A Tale of Two Butler County Commissioners

The Enquirer has a pretty interesting article on Republican Leader, my Congressman and a Great American -- John Boehner -- in which there are two quotes from a couple of our Butler County Commissioners that I simply have to highlight.

The first comes from Commissioner Chuck Furmon who has me contemplating an addition to my usual tag for Boehner:
"He's our voice of reason in Washington," said Butler County commissioner Chuck Furmon. "He's the Right Knight of Congress. I totally support John Boehner and what he stands for, and I appreciate the job he's done since he's been in office."
That is seriously high praise!  Right Knight of Congress...I like that...a lot.

The second comes from Commissioner Greg Jolivette and deals with the dreaded and evil practice of earmarking:
Butler County commissioner Greg Jolivette said that while he supports Boehner's fierce opposition to earmarks, he still wishes the congressman would see to it that his home county gets its share once the money is available.

"We need to get our fair share of that," Jolivette said. "I don't like my federal dollars going to a project in Timbuktu when I know we have very important projects in the Eighth District that need attention."
Uh, Greg, earmarking is bad, m-kay?  All that pork is raising the national debt and making it that more difficult for America to get its act together.  I applaud Speaker Boehner for taking this righteous stand and for absorbing the heat from folks who think federal dollars grow on trees.