Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Unifying Tie That Binds

Looking at the state of affairs in this polarizing political season, I am somewhat taken aback by what I do see. Watching the assault on our Central Committee (even the so called 'dead weight' members deserve a little better) I am saddened by the attack on some of our veteran members. Many of these 'seniors' have given a lifetime of service to the Party and even though they don't move as fast as they used to, they have, in my opinion, great value to impart to us.

I had such a member in my office a couple of weeks ago. He couldn't quite understand why he had not one, but four opponents. As I broke it down for him it dawned on him that some would seize political opportunity because they were tired of waiting for their turn. Some would say this old fellow had outlived his usefulness, but I respectfully disagree. Is there something in our current state of affairs that says that if you are over 65 that you should sent out to pasture and leave the politicking to us younger people?

I wasn't raised up in the party that way. I was and still am being mentored by some of the best people who could ever call themselves Republicans. Maybe I am old fashioned or some would say delusional, but I believe that our elders can teach us a few things. Values such as loyalty, pride and belief in what you are doing. One such member, Don Cotton is a respected member of the party, yet he finds himself with opposition. Mr. Cotton and his generation carried the load of this Party for decades when it wasn't quite so fashionable to be a Republican. He and his wife Jean were warriors and well respected. I encourage anyone who wants to help him to contact him and volunteer. There are many others who could use help, if interested, let me know.

Speaking of dead weight, it is easy to pick and poke at others who do not agree with us 100% of the time. I grew up in a time when if you dared to have a different opinion you were ostracized and even thrown out on your ear for being different or maverick or a rebel. Hopefully, we have learned valuable lessons on that when we can disagree without being disagreeable. However, some people do harbor feelings of spite and hatefulness on issues that are done and over with. What a waste of time, talent and energy!

Someone alluded to the 'call for unity' plea that is going around these days. That is a pipe dream for most people. Those of us who try to effect change understand that consensus is closer to what is needed versus unity. Unity can never be achieved as long as people harbor those grudge like feelings or think they are superior to others. Like it or not, we are all equal in the sight of the Almighty. My goal has always been to be a difference maker and even when I lose I try to see the big picture. My hope is that we truly understand that our influence on others is what makes us leaders, not force fed but done in a spirit of love and harmony. As Lincoln so aptly said, 'Tact is the ability to describe someone as they see themselves".