Monday, April 26, 2010

Yost "Proud" of 527 Lamestream Media Endorsements

Huber Heights, Ohio - Dave Yost over the past two weeks has been exuberant over being unanimously endorsed the most liberal newspapers in Ohio for Auditor of State. Yost has received the endorsements from the Youngstown Vindicator, Akron Beacon Journal, Cleveland Plain Dealer, and the Dayton Daily News.

In Sunday's Dayton Daily News endorsement editorial, they described Seth Morgan as "tightly wound" and "ideologically rigid" insinuating he is more conservative than Dave Yost. And the newspaper criticized Seth Morgan saying "Morgan's conservatism extends even to the point of voting against the Third Frontier."

These same newspapers endorsed Ted Strickland for Ohio governor, Marc Dann for Ohio attorney general, Barack Obama for U.S. President, and have claimed the conservative and Tea Party movements are made up of racists. "We congratulate Dave on getting Ohio's liberal mainstream media behind him. The liberal media like Dave because they view him and David Pepper as two peas in a pod," said Rob Scott, Communications Director for Friends of Seth Morgan.

"The difference is clear. Seth Morgan is the people's candidate supported by numerous Ohio grassroots organizations that represent thousands of conservative Ohioans. Whereas Dave Yost is the liberal media's candidate and he's proud of it," Scott said.
Good for Dave Yost, but there are reasons why I call them the 527 Lamestream Media, folks...