Sunday, May 16, 2010

Meranda v. Gusweiler Update: Tina's Mouthpiece Gets Personal

Previously on WMD, we posted Team Gusweiler's motion to dismiss the cashgrab arrogant self serving buttface movelawsuit against him filed by self serving and possessed by a spirit of vengeance Clerk of Courts Tina Meranda. If you recall, the response was precise, full of legal precedent and arguments, and did not seek to cast undue aspersions on Clerk Meranda. Well, the BulldogChihuahua, Eric"Wannabe" Deters, has submitted Team Meranda's response. For the coverage, we go to Wayne Gates and the Brown County Press:
Tina Meranda's attorney has filed a sharply worded response to the motion to dismiss her suit against Common Pleas Judge Scott Gusweiler, calling him a "power-mad megalomaniac who will tolerate no opposition to his vainglorious omnipotence".
Wrapping up the immunity argument, Deters writes "Defendant has not established he is entitled to immunity...(he) has established that he is not entitled to wear the judicial robes he is attempting to hide behind."

Deters also references Gusweilers alleged behavior to bolster his argument that Gusweiler illegally intimidated Meranda by using his judicial powers in an illegal manner.

Go check out the response here.

OK, seriously, now we are just resorting to blind namecalling? I guess this type of deep thinking on jurisprudence must be why he gets paid the big bucks. Oh, and Chihuahua, where is the case on your website, like you promised me a few months back? Hmmm?????

When all you can do is pepper your arguments with namecalling, you must be either desperate, stupid, or a wannabe radio host on 700 wlw. Deters fits all three.

But wait! There is more. In his attempts to totally sway any potential jurors should this suit go forward, he plays the victimization of Meranda card. Read this bloviating, b.s. overbloated and exaggerated line:
the response wraps up with a request that Judge Nurre grant a restraining order against Gusweiler that "is tailored to permit Defendant and Plaintiff to each do their jobs, and in particular for Plaintiff to do the job to which she was elected...without fear that the Defendant will again threaten and intimidate her by ordering armed men to throw her in jail."

Yes, the judge is ordering armed mercenary terrorists to throw her into a cell and waterboard her while throwing a hairdryer in the water....COME ON NOW! It is called enforcement of a court order. Give me a break!

Look, I think both Meranda and Gusweiler have acted like children in this matter, as far as Gusweiler's alleged statements. However, he is not actively costing the taxpayers of Brown County thousands of dollars in paying a judge to hear the case as well as lost man hours filing briefs, securing witnesses, and testimonies. Gusweiler did not manage to cast aspersions on three offices in the county, as Meranda has. Gusweiler did not ask the county to pay for a high priced mouthpiece, Meranda did.

As I have stated before, legal experts I have consulted tell me this should be thrown out on its ear for what it is: a grandstanding move by an arrogant woman who didn't like how someone talked to her and her ring wasn't kissed. While Gusweiler's actions may have been rude or less than concilatory, they are not necessarily illegal nor are they worthy of "punitive damages." If this were just about the legalities, why not take it up with the 12th district court of appeals, as was suggested?

People close to the case have told me they think Deters went too far, and that is putting it mildly. And if this is the type of representation Meranda thinks is above board, her judgment must continue to be called into question.

If this is what makes the Chihuahua a good lawyer, give me Stan Purdy anyday. Or even the corpse of Johnny Cochran. Eric Deters is nothing more than a sheister ambulance chaser with a big mouth and even bigger ego. Well, maybe not as big an ego as Tina Meranda's. Gusweiler's lawyers were professional and respected their opponent, Meranda's Chihuahua just attacked and engaged in verbal denigration. Pathetic!

If this is thrown out, Meranda should resign. She has cost us enough.