Friday, May 28, 2010

Obama Admin's Elitism: He Golfs, Big Sis Goes to Opera, While Nation Suffers

Barack Obama slept while the Christmas Day Bomb attempt went down, then he went golfing. He is now on his 2nd vacation since the oil spill started. The elitism of this administration is galling. Big Sis, Homeland Insecurity Chief Janet Napolitano, she likes to go to the opera:
Napolitano was a VIP guest at the Washington National Opera Ball at the Russian Federation Embassy last Friday, a luxurious event that featured FabergĂ© egg cakes, 30,000 pounds worth of ice sculptures, and Russian ballerinas and singers—bringing in some $1.5 million for the opera. The Homeland boss says she's been to all the company's performances this season, including last Saturday's Hamlet at the Kennedy Center. It's one of the best insider perks of a top-level Washingtonian. Top Obama aides have dibs on the center's Presidential Box tickets that the first family doesn't use, which is pretty often.

Wow, way to be on top of things. I guess, in her mind, as long as she gets to go to the opera, the system works.