Monday, May 10, 2010

Ohio Jobless Rate Soars Under Democrat Leadership

Increased unemployment and business exodus plagues Cincinnati

Columbus—With Ohio’s unemployment at 11 percent, House Republicans decried the partisanship and inactivity displayed by House leadership throughout this General Assembly.
“We all know that our state has been in an economic struggle for some time, and southwestern Ohio is not immune to the financial stresses Ohioans have faced across the state,” Rep. Robert Mecklenborg (R-Green Township) said. “If we’re going to bring jobs back to our constituents, House leadership must be willing to reach across the aisle and embrace innovative, effective solutions to our problems.”
While Ohio has lost 194,000 jobs in the past year alone, the Cincinnati metropolitan area saw unemployment rise to 10.9 percent in February 2010 – the highest rate since 2000.
“My colleagues and I in the legislature see the regrettable path Ohio’s economy has taken under this leadership, and we’ve proposed bill after bill to help solve increasing unemployment and out-of-control government spending,” Rep. Ronald Maag (R-Salem Township) said. “Ohioans deserve for our proposed legislation to have a chance on the House floor, and I urge my fellow lawmakers across the aisle to give us that chance.”
In an effort to create jobs and make Ohio more business-friendly, the House Republican Caucus introduced two packages of proposals aimed at creating jobs and restoring accountability to state government. These “Future of Ohio” jobs and government reform packages would help bring Ohio into the competitive race for jobs by improving the business climate, reducing taxes on families and businesses, and restoring a fiscally responsible state government. To date, none of the “Future of Ohio” proposals have been permitted a vote in committee or on the House floor.
“When your proposals are not working, you have to be able to swallow your pride and ask for help,” Rep. Joseph Uecker (R-Miami Township) said. “The statistics show that the few Democratic solutions to bringing jobs and business back to Ohio have not worked. Ohioans want to work in a business-friendly environment, and my colleagues and I maintain that our “Future of Ohio” packages can accomplish that.”
“As state legislators, our constituents entrust us with the responsibility to be sure that Ohio can fulfill their needs as mothers, fathers, and business professionals,” said Rep. Danny Bubp (R-West Union). “My House Republican colleagues and I remain confident that an effective session will take place before summer recess that will begin to address bipartisan solutions to Ohio’s economic woes.”