Thursday, May 13, 2010

SB 232: Ohio Senate Republicans Going Green and Working for Strickland (Again)

Ohio Senate Republicans are poised to pass a key part of Gov. Strickland’s “green jobs” agenda.  SB 232 would eliminate the tangible personal property tax on wind and solar project and replace it with a fee tied to power generation. 
The question is, why are Senate Republicans (including Jon Husted?) doing the heavy lifting for Governor Strickland?
Gov. Ted Strickland supports easing the tax, said Mark Shanahan, the governor's top energy adviser.  "He's listened to them say that solving this tax challenge is their last remaining obstacle," he said. "Based on that, he's asked for the legislature to give them a fix."
And this is the part that really gets me...
Companies that generate wind power pay the state $40,000 per megawatt generated, the industry group said. That is higher than in neighboring states such as Indiana.
Hoosiers pay less in all kinds of taxes, what is so special about this one?
The plan is opposed by the Buckeye Institute.
Skeptics such as Matt Mayer of the conservative Buckeye Institute don't think the wind industry can survive without government aid, in Ohio or anywhere else.
"The fact is that it's still grossly inefficient compared to gas and coal," he said.
We simply can not afford another government-funded boondoggle.